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Spiritual Commitment


As important as academics & athletics are to our school, St. John places the spiritual nurturing of students & their families as our top priority.


St. John Lutheran School has been a part of the Ocala/Marion County community for over 50 years and has established a reputation for providing students in this area with a quality Christian education.


Our outstanding faculty has been prayerfully called for personal faith, Christian character, distinguished academic background, and commitment to impacting the lives of students. St. John teachers lovingly encourage students to discover the joy of knowing Jesus Christ personally, nurturing the seeds of faith as they disciple young hearts.


God's Word is woven throughout the fabric of the students' day. Students discover that Scripture relates to every area of their lives: their personal relationships, their character, how they work and play, how they think and speak, even the subjects they study. God's design unfolds whether students are examining the order of the universe, studying the nations of our world, or learning to use the gift of language.


At St. John, our students are being trained to become Christ's light in their communities, throughout our nation, and around the globe.


Academic Rigor


Placing the spiritual growth of our students as our top priority does not mean academics are unimportant to us by any means.


St. John Lutheran School offers one of the finest college-bound academic programs available at the pre-kindergarten, elementary, middle, & high school levels. Students thrive in the close-knit, family-like atmosphere created by teachers who masterfully combine both traditional & innovative teaching methodologies.


Classrooms are animated & inviting. Teachers utilize their talents & skills guiding bright, curious children toward academic success. An accelerated, content-rich curriculum challenges students & provides an excellent foundation in all academic areas. St. John feels that building this foundation is an important aspect of preparing students for success at the university level.


In recent years, being technologically adept has become an essential quality for college students. In light of this, St. John has continued to maintain a comprehensive computer program for students in kindergarten through 8th grade.  In addition to computer instruction, Middle School begins our "Bring Your Own Device" program.


In High School, devices have been an extremely integral part of St. John's curriculum for many years.  Devices are used extensively in the classroom as our teachers integrate traditional curriculum & modern technology. By the time students graduate, using technology in the educational process is second nature to our students.

Physical & Social Development


St. John Lutheran School's goal is to develop our students into well-rounded young men & women. This means that each student's physical development must be nurtured. St. John develops this vital aspect of our students through health classes, weight training classes & other physical education classes.


In addition to our physical education curriculum, St. John offers a wide range of fall, winter, & spring sports to student in grades 5-12. Although St. John's athletes are encouraged to take part in multiple sports throughout the school year and achieve their highest potential on the field or the court, they are also reminded that academics must take priority over athletics.


Besides aiding in the physical development of students, St. John feels that participation in athletics also develops other qualities that are essential in well-rounded students. Some of these important qualities include teamwork, leadership, and the ability to be a good sport in the face of both victory & defeat.


St. John also encourages the growth of these qualities by offering the opportunity to participate in a number of non-athletic clubs and organizations at the middle & high school levels such as National Honor Society, Student Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Fishing Club, Astronomy Club, & Anchor Club.




St. John is fully accredited by the National Lutheran School Accreditation and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) now known as AdvancED.  The quality of education programs at St. John is well established and its secondary graduates have been readily accepted into the highest quality academic institutions including: The United States Air Force Academy, United Stated Military Academy (West Point), Yale, Dartmouth, John Hopkins, Harvard, Vanderbilt, University of Florida, Florida State University and a myriad of others.





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