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Since St. John was founded in 1963, it has created countless opportunities for generations of children. The St. John Annual Fund, created in 2013, plays an invaluable role in providing opportunities because tuition alone does not cover all the operational costs.


A day in the life of a St. John Lutheran student is extraordinary.  Whether it developing an artistic, musical or athletic gift, working in a state of the art science lab, or being taught Biblical truth from an exceptionally trained educator, the St. John Annual Fund helps cover the total cost of “educating the whole child."  Your support creates the St. John experience.


St. John is the optimal choice for children because it is where a Christian world-view, personal responsibility, integrity, leadership, and virtue thrive.  It is where community service, the love of learning and curiosity, and self- worth based on the person, work and love of Jesus Christ is instilled in our children.  St. John educates the whole world in Christian excellence.


We desire 100% participation among our constituents in our annual giving program.  Your participation reflects St. John community’s commitment to the school and our school’s motto – Each for the Other and All for Christ.  Please join St. John leadership by making a gift to the St. John Annual Fund today.


Annual Fund

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