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Our Campus

St. John Lutheran School's Campus



The church building is located in the center of campus, reminding students, teachers, and families that Christ should be at the center of all we do. Students attend a chapel service in the church once a week where they sing praise songs and worship our Lord. During the service, the message of Christ is presented to students by a teacher or a pastor or even sometimes by a fellow student!

IMG_1565.JPG located in a residential section of Southeast Ocala on Lake Weir Avenue. You only need to drive by the campus to see that the visual focal point of campus is the church which was built in the early 1960's and expanded in the late 1990's. The school buildings expand out from the church, symbolizing the fact that the church's primary mission for almost half a century has been to "expand" into the community by offering an academically rigorous education from a Christian perspective to the young people of Ocala.



The goal of our technology program is to get our students to be proficient at using technology for academic purposes.  As part of our commitment to technology, most of our classrooms have been upgraded to "engaged classrooms" with a Smart Board and other technological upgrades.  Our teachers have been trained to incorporate this technology into their curriculum.   


Each fall and spring the Media Center hosts a book sale to raise funds for new books and educational materials. We are proud of our over 22,000 resources that are available for check out-- including books for high school students. Why buy a book when you can check it out of the Media Center. Use our digital card catalog to search for the title or author you seek by clicking HERE.

Bucy Science Lab


Students in grades 9-12 have access to the various aspects of the Bucy Science Lab that many high school students have to wait until college to experience first-hand. This college-level lab is stocked with equipment for an enriched inquiry-based laboratory experience.

The Bucy Lab was a provided by a generous donation from the Bucy Family in memory of their son, Jordan, one of our 5th graders. 

Strength Complex


In addition to off-season conditioning and training, students get exposed to the Strength Complex through our curriculum.  During their Middle School years students are introduced to the Strength Complex by their coach and/or P.E. teacher. Students in High School have the option of taking a Weight Training class in the Strength Complex all four years. St. John has made an effort to ensure High School students have room in their schedule for this class without having to drop an academic course by providing an 8-period day. This is one of the ways St. John strives to emphasize the physical health & athletic development of our students along with our students' spiritual growth & academic excellence.  St. John is proud to have recently added Weightlifting as a competitive sport for both boys and girls.


The St. John Gym was the largest gym in Marion County for many years and, to this day, it remains one of the largest. From basketball to volleyball to P.E. classes to art shows to theatrical productions to talent shows to pep rallies to fundraisers to banquets to worship services, the St. John Gym has seen just about every school event imaginable. Although the church is truly the focus of our campus, the gym, located behind the High School Building on the north end of campus, is the busiest hub of campus activities.


High School Building


Although the High School Building has been a fixture on the north end of campus for almost 40 years--many of our current students' parents wandered these same hallways when they were students! With recent renovations, our High School Building maintains its heritage as a structure that has witnessed the Christian education of young people for generations and is ready to continue that function for generations to come.

Middle School Courtyard

The Middle School classrooms all open up onto a beautiful courtyard in the central area of campus that is known as the Middle School Courtyard. Although much of this courtyard is covered with decorative bricks, there are some landscaped areas as well, complete with flowering plants and bushes. This creates a beautiful atmosphere for the middle schoolers to look down upon from their breezeways upstairs.

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