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Shop with Scrip

Shop with Scrip


Dear St. John Families,


There are many exciting changes that have been made to the program, making it easier than ever to participate. By using Scrip to shop for things you use every day, you will create a flow of income for St. John. For example, if you regularly grab your coffee from Starbucks, consider buying a $50.00 gift card to use instead of cash. That one, simple change will earn our school $3.50. I know it doesn’t seem like much money, but multiply that by 12 months, and then by 100 other families just like yours, and suddenly we are doing some serious fundraising!


There are countless retailers who participate in this program, and the earning percentages vary. Go to to view a list of retailers. Many participate in the ScripNow feature, enabling you to buy gift cards online and pay with your smart phone. Once you have successfully enrolled in the program, go to from your phone to download the mobile app. ScripNow purchases can be used immediately. Going to Red Lobster for dinner? Order your gift card over appetizers and pay your bill with your phone. How simple could it be?


On top of benefitting St. John, half of what you earn for our school will be applied to offset your child’s re-enrollment fee for next year. You benefit too!


Register your family at  Remember to enable PrestoPay when you set up your account so you can pay online with your checking account and use ScripNow. This process takes a few days to verify, so enroll today!




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